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Your child can succeed in school! Since 2003, Mega Smart Kids has been helping students improve grades and build confidence in the comfort of their own homes. Our proven one-on-one approach focuses on individual needs. Whether your child has learning gaps, faces academic challenges, or is preparing for an admissions test, our professional tampa tutors will make a difference.

Stop Homework Stress: When a child falls behind in school, homework can become an ordeal for everyone. Our tampa tutors work one-on-one to help students meet personal learning goals, improve grades, and get organized.

Overcome Learning Obstacles: No matter how overwhelming school becomes, your child can achieve his or her academic best. We tailor every session to the individual, so true learning can take place.

End School Frustration: It's not easy for a struggling or gifted student to get the most from a one-size-fits-all classroom. With consistent help from our experienced tutors, children can master new concepts and succeed.

Reports for Parents: We work closely with each student and provide feedback to parents after each session regarding progress.  In addition, we provide detailed reports to parents, and can also aid in communication between the educator and the student as the parent’s liaison, by offering these specific reports to the teachers.

Personal Touch: We offer a personal touch to each of our students, giving individualized attention to better prepare them for their future.  We have experts who know a myriad of tools to help students get the grades they need in school.

Expert Strategies: We supplement students with the confidence and self-esteem they need to succeed in courses. We empower our students to feel passionate about what they are studying and teach them how to overcome roadblocks and obstacles during their educational career. 

Private Tutoring by Diana Vadocz, M. Ed. 
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